Writing eroticism in a story


Editing is a chance to develop the characters and explore what it means to write eroticism in a story.

Editing brings the character into the proper focus and integrates erotic thinking with emotions. Our erotic thoughts can impact us negatively or positively. Thinking about sex with a partner who is not interested can be emotional torture while imagining erotic thrills with someone in tune can lead to intense pleasure.

It’s not enough to “write erotica.” Discovering the heart of the character and tapping in to the emotions associated with an erotic encounter develops depth and uncovers the character’s truth. How do the erotic thoughts impact the hero, heroine, or a supporting character?


While it would be nice to write out a story, dash it off to a publisher, and have sales start ringing up that’s not the case. Editing is necessary to delve in to the sensual details and discover the emotions that lay beneath the surface and generate the heat we call eroticism.


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