An airport setting for writing erotica

I think an airport is a fascinating place to get inspired for writing erotica—especially large airports where thousands hustle through the corridors or browse at the overpriced food stands and browse through book displays.

My story, Layover, was inspired from giving up my seat voluntarily on a flight so I could get a flight voucher. I stayed overnight near O’Hare Airport in a name brand motel-hotel with thin carpeting and a bed that was passable.

Airports and the surrounding accommodations serve those who are in transit. There is no time or inclination to develop relationships.
On a recent change of flights in Denver I was struck by a man in his suit and in another location a woman stepping off a moving walkway in a tight blouse revealing her cleavage.

An airport is a good illustration of a place filled with people where it’s still possible to be lonely. So what happens when a person wants to fight that loneliness and make a connection—not just with a flight but with a real person? That’s the story of Layover.

Win a free copy of Layover! Tell me about a layover you’ve had and you might win a free copy of Layover. Contest ends Monday April 4. See the contest page for details.


About DD Symms

Writing is foundational to our communication like running is to sports.
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