I don’t like writing about sex

I don’t like writing about sex. It’s boring and it has no meaning.

It’s true. I’ve decided that simply writing about two people taking off their clothes and having physical contact with each other is dull, nowhere, uneventful and uninteresting.

Does that mean I don’t like sex? Hmm, hardly. But what does sex and sexuality provoke? Emotion, struggle, laughter, guilt and longing. It raises the question “should I or shouldn’t I?”

Imagine trying to share a fantasy with a spouse. Sometimes that’s excruciating. Embarrassment can grip you. Uncertainty can linger in their response to what you say.

Sexuality can be the fulfillment of a promise or it can be the sign of a broken promise.

That’s where the character lives and where stories come alive. It isn’t in the sexuality but it’s in the discovery of someone finding a possible soulmate, experiencing a new sensation, or being courageous to be vulnerable. It’s exploring the sensuality that leads to eroticism and that makes multi-dimensional characters and it’s what creates us as multi-dimensional beings.

So I don’t like writing about sex, but I do like writing to explore sensuality, eroticism, and sexuality.


About DD Symms

Writing is foundational to our communication like running is to sports.
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