Sensual colors: art work for Riding Shotgun cover

Art work is in for my erotic romance story Riding Shotgun, scheduled for a May 27 release from Breathless

Cover for Riding Shotgun

Press. I like the sensual interpretation of California’s High Desert using the color contrasts and clothing. Thanks to graphic artist Dara England.

Driving on California Highway 395 means an escape from urban life whenever I get the chance to take off north. The contrast between the peaks of the eastern Sierras to the west and the barren hills leading to Death Valley to the east is phenomenal.

Contrast in colors and terrain in close proximity makes California a unique state, creating in me a longing for fulfilled desires — even if those desires are not easy to identify. Though I grew up in the East, which has its own beauty, western states and especially sections of California have their own unique majestic qualities.

And for those of you who may be critics of California a friend of mine once said: California is amazing. The ocean is the western border; there are mountains in the north; farmland in the central valley; deserts in the east; and cement in the south.


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