Erotic romance and the search for intimacy

Writing erotic romance well means sending the characters in the romance story on a search for intimacy.

In the heroine’s mind, she is searching for someone who knows details about her and displays affection and caring. The hero who stumbles into her path may be her protector–although she may be his, too. Their connection becomes deeply entwined and they are not whole without each other.

Neither one is weak and they would be fine living on their own, but their eroticism and the search for intimacy would be lacking. I write about this, too, on the blog Eros Joy which you can click to read about intimacy and relationships.

In my writing, I’m delving deeper into the characters. I just finished edits for Riding Shotgun and in one scene, the heroine experiences sensations that are new and thrilling. She has to give up control — hint, at a Dominant and submissive scene — yet she is willing to do so because the hero takes a detailed interest in her.

Writing erotic romance and sending characters on a search for intimacy creates wonderful, multi-dimensional characters.


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