Writing a sensual story

Writing a sensual romance story doesn’t mean only describing scenes that can lead to sexual activity. Sensual touches on the senses.

And it can mean writing a story, romance or other genre, that describes a person’s desires and the longings in their heart. This can mean they’re yearning for someone or something. It can elicit feelings of joy or sorrow.

Check my free reads for today. I was in a coffee shop and noticed a person walk in and I wondered, “what’s on her mind?” I observed her actions and the look on her face. And it inspired me to do a brief writing exercise. I hope you enjoy it.

Also check an earlier post on sensual writing.

Remember, the next time you’re sipping coffee in public and you’re lost in thought, a writer may be sitting somewhere unnoticed and observing you. Eeeew, that’s a creepy thought!


About DD Symms

Writing is foundational to our communication like running is to sports.
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