One of my favorite authors

While I write stories that are geared to an audience that likes erotic romance, I decided I’d share about one of my favorite authors of all time and why that is.

I’d have to say that’s James Herriot, the English veterinarian who was skillful in depicting life on the farm and his clinic in Yorkshire mainly in the 1930s. His descriptions of people and places had enough detail to create a mood but he did not get bogged down in trying to describe a place.

His anecdotes carried a range of humorous to whimsical and some were sad. He was able to show the interdependence of a person with either their pet or farm animal. He captured the personalities of his wife and co-worker Tristan.

While his audience is vastly different from mine, although I know there is overlap, he had his own style of writing that appealed to the senses and the heart. It’s cloudy and cool in Southern California today. Fine weather for reading James Herriot. Read more about him on this site


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One Response to One of my favorite authors

  1. DD Symms says:

    He simply related the lives he saw and his prose flowed wonderfully.

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