Reading erotica and writing erotic stories in black and white

Reading erotica and writing erotic stories links the reader or author with delicious details about tastes, kisses, seductive eye contact, jeans unfastening, and panties puddling around the ankles.

Do you see those erotic images in black and white or in color?

Think about your answer carefully. We live in a four-color, multi-media society with 15 second commercials that have scenes spanning thousandths of a second. I doubt if anyone reading this post watches a black and white television on a regular basis. And when is the last time you’ve paid admission to see the latest theatrical release from a major studio—in black and white? While “color” may seem the obvious answer, consider the erotic elements of black and white photography.

Yet, I came across this photo on Twitter and it is delightfully erotic. I didn’t see the photographer’s name to give attribution which I always like to do.

Yet, black and white can be delightfully sexy. It can tease our thoughts, letting our imaginations color in the details. Perhaps that’s what makes erotic stories highly erotic and titillating. They seduce us mentally and draw us in to experience the embrace, the kiss, and the undressing.

Black and white can hold a seductive sensitivity and may be it heightens our senses in the same way wearing a blindfold does during foreplay and intercourse.

To me, black and white erotica is smooth and slow. It lets me take my time to ponder and that’s a luxury in a world of multi-colored smart phones in constant motion.

I’m DD Symms, romance and erotica author, and I approve this post.


About DD Symms

Writing is foundational to our communication like running is to sports.
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3 Responses to Reading erotica and writing erotic stories in black and white

  1. I think it depends on the picture…Both can be sexy and have an impact…That is a sexy pic…

    • DD Symms says:

      Thanks, Savannah, for your input. Certainly, black and white is not above color. But it’s refreshing to see life in black and white sometimes 🙂 Both have different qualities.

  2. You are very welcome…

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