Erotic writing in dream scenarios

Peek inside this erotic dream, Beyond the Red Door, posted on The Elusive Muse. It’s a beautifully written and highly sensual – and sexual, too – revealing so much of what may lie deep inside someone.

We don’t share our thoughts, do we? Not even with those we say we love and trust. And sometimes our dreams are places where we find an escape and our lust and passion becomes released.

Here is an excerpt:

I envision a bed, creaking under the weight of sweaty bodies, entwined in a complicated ribbon of passion and lust in a room illuminated only by a tin lantern. The music playing in my fantasy springs forth from a chorus of crickets and from the wind as it sweeps through a canopy of trees and into the room, sending a gentle breeze over my moist skin. He hovers over me, gazing down upon my nakedness as his hips thrust between my thighs.

For the entire post, click here to go to the Elusive Muse, a creation of Judy Kujoth who also writes under the pen name Jaynie Reed.

Also read this post on writing a sensual story.


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