My erotic stories and works in progress

I’m discovering new ways of digging deep into the characters as I develop more erotic stories. Here is an update of what I’ve been working on currently:

  • Six short erotic stories of fewer than 1,200 words for a Cleis Press antholgy
  • Anticipating the release of Riding Shotgun on May 27
  • Signing a contract with Breathless Press for Getaway
  • Writing the sequel to Layover
  • Planning to write the sequel to Riding Shotgun

Riding Shotgun was inspired in part by my trips along Highway 395

There’s an encounter in each story that utilizes BDSM but in different ways. The heroines want to explore, based on their anticipation and curiosity while the men, who are the Doms, don’t rush into the encounters.

And the Doms are quite different as well. In Layover, Devon is a Dom who is involved in the lifestyle and he is confident in who he is. Jessie, the woman who tries to seduce him for a one-night stand doesn’t realize this. Once she finds out, he is willing to leave her but she wants to stay with him. The sequel will take a closer look at their lifestyle in Los Angeles and a conflict arises when their lifestyle is made public.

In Riding Shotgun, Andrew is reluctant to reveal his secret.

In Getaway, there is a bondage that develops from the intensity that both the heroine and

California's urban and wilderness mixture is the setting for Getaway

hero experience while camping in a secluded campground in the mountains above Los Angeles.

It’s been satisfying to watch the development of the different characters, and to see how each one responds differently to similar sexual desires. Enjoy reading!

For more, see my Books section.


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3 Responses to My erotic stories and works in progress

  1. First off what a great cover…Looks like you are keeping busy..You sound like me..So much to do and never enough time…

    • DD Symms says:

      Savannah, thanks for stopping by. I do appreciate your comments. Yes, the timing element is challenging. I do feel organized … for the moment!

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