Sensuality in the song Cab Driver

Fans and writers of erotic romance should listen to the song Cab Driver by Daryl Hall. For some reason, I’m having trouble uploading the YouTube video here so I’ll link to it instead. I’ll work on the upload later.

Even though I listened to Hall and Oates during their peak I never heard this song until recently. It evokes sentiment in a way that’s rich and meaningful. It broods sensuality from the instrumentation, the lyrics, and Daryl Hall’s voice.

Any writer, actor, or musician should listen to it as well.

I also like this song because it evokes passion despite the mundane setting. A song revolves around a taxi driver and his desire to get back to the woman he loves. While I like romance novels and how they can whisk someone away, I’m also a fan of discovering love and conflict among characters in mundane settings.

Layover takes place in a motel near Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.

In Riding Shotgun, the heroine is stuck at a garage on a highway in rural California.

Getaway occurs in an empty campground in the mountains above Los Angeles.

My erotic romance novel, Masterful Delights, has some fantastic settings around Los Angeles but it begins in a dilapidated area of town where everyone avoids.

Cab Driver is a wonderful discovery. Perhaps I like it because the way Daryl Hall sings is what I’m trying to capture in my writing.


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2 Responses to Sensuality in the song Cab Driver

  1. I love to listen to music while I write. It adds that extra kick and I get so inspired by it. I need my music like people need coffee…LOL

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