Taking an erotic drive along California’s eastern Sierras

Inspired from driving along California’s eastern Sierras, I began thinking about an erotic story where the heroine’s car breaks down and not only does it get fixed, but she gets the erotic ride of her life. That’s the premise for Riding Shotgun, available through Breathless Press, All Romance eBooks, and Amazon for Kindle.

Have you ever thought about erotic uses for a saddle?

Riding Shotgun begins with a frustrated Brianna Heathstone, on her way to an erotic evening in Tahoe until her BMW breaks down. To me, frustration is an emotion that entangles us and it’s fun to explore how a character can deal with uncertainty. She goes to the home of the man who rescues her and she discovers a secret that an obnoxious salesman threatens to reveal. There are elements of bdsm in the story and for those who may normally not take to those elements in a story, it’s done in a way that you might enjoy and find especially erotic and creative.

The setting for the story along California Highway 395 offers contrasts like in life–the beauty of the eastern Sierras to the west of the highway and the barren hills on the eastern side of the highway.

Thanks, also, to my editor Michayla Hart and her suggestions to make the story flow.

Riding Shotgun is a fun way to kick off summer reading for a hot read during a trip or on summer vacation.



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2 Responses to Taking an erotic drive along California’s eastern Sierras

  1. I have this on my reading list…It sounds so hot…..Congrats

    • DD Symms says:

      Hi Savannah … let’s just say, there’s a saddle involved and it’s used in a really stimulating way!

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