Erotic uses for a saddle in the erotic story Riding Shotgun

Have you ever thought of erotic uses for a saddle? Let’s say that’s one of the fun surprises in Riding Shotgun — a story recently released that takes place in California’s High Desert along Highway 395 in the fictional town of Sky Pines.

Riding Shotgun follows the heroine after she’s rescued from frustration when her BWM breaks down … but her frustration has been building due to work pressures and a divorce as a Hollywood producer. The eroticism in the story flows out of this inability to experience the erotic moments she wants to find in her life.

There’s vulnerability on the part of the hero since he doesn’t know if he should show her his ‘little secret’, either, since he doesn’t want to scare her off.

Riding Shotgun was loads of fun to write and I hope you enjoy reading.

For more background on the story, click to this post I made introducing the release.

Riding Shotgun is available through Breathless Press, Amazon for Kindle,


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2 Responses to Erotic uses for a saddle in the erotic story Riding Shotgun

  1. Sounds like a great read, DD – I’ll have to check this out!

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