Erotic stories, giveaway, and what’s new with DD Symms erotica

Win a copy of my newest erotic story, Riding Shotgun, with a contest held at the site of Lisa Fox, erotic and paranormal romance author. Check out the details by clicking here.

Riding Shotgun was fun to write and the characters kept me chuckling, if I may say so myself and discover sexy vulnerabilities. The hero, Andrew McCarty, has a secret that could be used against him and it forces him to be vulnerable to the heroine, Brianna.

Riding Shotgun received a four star rating from a reader on All Romance ebooks.

Thanks to BP editor Michayla Hart, for her input.

My novel, Masterful Delights, is well on the way to being finished and sent off to an editor who requested the full manuscript. Yea! It’s been work, but at the same time has given me the chance to delve deeply into erotic play, love, and the inner workings of Los Angeles city politics!

My plans for my site here include creating a unique header and updating links to my story, Layover, available from Breathless Press, Amazon on Kindle, and other outlets.

My next story, Getaway, is about ready to enter the editing stage with Breathless Press. A woman goes on a two day camping trip in the mountains above Los Angeles to getaway from the distruptions in her life. Until her camping trip is erotically disrupted when she has a run-in with her neighbor at the next site.

Stay tuned for this and more!


About DD Symms

Writing is foundational to our communication like running is to sports.
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2 Responses to Erotic stories, giveaway, and what’s new with DD Symms erotica

  1. Fantastic interview….Lisa is such a great author and her site rocks…

  2. jensverden says:

    I just bumped into this site while I was killing some time: It has some hilarious erotic stories, if you are into erotica then check it out!

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