What’s the most erotic time of the year?

Officially, we’re now in summer, a time of year that may be thought of as one of the most erotic seasons. Frolicking at the beach and splashing in swimming pools in next-to-nothing garb can make one understand why.

But what do you think? Is summer one of the most erotic times of the year?

In Southern California’s valleys, when late August to mid-September hit it’s blazing and covering up is sometimes necessary to avoid a terrible sunburn. Up the coast, it’s different. Early morning fog can roll in and make for a cool morning and a cool evening.

I think early October is one of the most erotic times of the year — or I should say, sensual times. Temperatures go from cool to warm, the leaves are at the peak of color and the senses are fully engaged. There’s no need to hide under clothing to keep out the sun or keep out the cold.

Of course, the answer to this is everyone can have their own favorite erotic time of the year. How would you describe your favorite erotic time of the year?



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5 Responses to What’s the most erotic time of the year?

  1. Winter is my favorite erotic time of year. Cuddling, kissing in the car until the windows steam. Sitting in front of warm fireplace wrapped in eachother’s arms. *sigh*

    I’m not much for summer, but then it’s going to be 111 degrees out here in the Southwest. Can’t find much sexy about dripping with sweat.


    • DD Symms says:

      Good points, Mary. Although sweat doesn’t drip much at 111 degrees. I would say it evaporates quickly!

  2. I think fall and winter are sexy..Winter has to be more…You cuddle up in front of the fireplace…Hold each other….The heat just climbs…

  3. annesmorgan says:

    Spring and early Summer are sexy, tall grass, cool breezes, long days….perfect for outdoor fun.

  4. DD Symms says:

    That was a nice response, Anne, and welcome.

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