Delightfully erotic moments

To me, eroticism is made up of specific moments when subtle actions may occur—a suspension of a moment like someone trying to make up their mind in the midst of sexual tension.

I thought of two men, one experienced and the other considering his first time with another guy … hard … wondering … a finger moving along his waist band and deciding if he should undress … his friend walking in the room, bare-chested, also wondering about intentions. Does the finger move tightly against the waist band and does that lead to an experiment of lips touching each other and his hand caressing the chest of his guy friend?

Moments of decision or indecision can be so sexy and hot.

What are the moments that turn you on?


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2 Responses to Delightfully erotic moments

  1. I think there are so many different moments that can turn us on..A look, a kiss, a gentle touch….One single moment can be explosive…

    • DD Symms says:

      Yep, I agree. I may sometimes not be thinking anything and then I see someone and … that’s it! It could be the wave of someone’s hair … and the eyes. A look always does it for me.

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