Eroticism in natural beauty

Eroticism is found in nature through the beauty we appreciate, engaging our senses. Enjoy these photos I’ve taken recently.

Delicate is a rose petal, soft to the touch. Handle with care, take in the scent, don’t be in a rush.

Beauty in nature is the result of wind whipping through canyons, convulsing molten liquid raging through the earth’s crust; tantalizing those to enter, captivating viewers, and presenting danger to those who tread into the inner heat unprepared.

Natural power is also part of nature’s beauty and allure, just as a powerful lover is attractive, one who knows how to wield power to generate intense levels of heat.

Does eroticism fit in nature? Sensuality certainly does–captivating the senses, having them come alive.

Sex educator Joy Davidson writes that one of the most erotic nights she spent didn’t involve a sexual experience. She was in a nightgown, in the wind, under the moonlight, letting nature wash over her.

Eroticism and natural beauty are all around us.

The pictures I took on this page were from my home in Southern California, the Grand Canyon, and Sedona, Arizona off of Dry Creek Road.

Also read Cover Art for My Upcoming Story Getaway to get another perspective on eroticism in nature.


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