Taking time to develop characters

As I move through the second round of edits for my story Getaway, I’ve made a discovery–there is a way to rush one’s writing and a way to take time in developing characters. I’m drawn into the story of Marcie who strikes out to go camping for a few days in the mountains above Los Angeles.Her fiancee has not only cheated on her but he expressed his passion in a series of emails to his secret lover. Her inner conflict moves the story forward and I find myself tapping into her passion this way.

She experiences conflict with the camper in the next site, and he ultimately helps Marcie discover the ability to move beyond her fiancee and the circumstances surrounding her decision to call off the marriage.

The story takes place in less than twenty-four hours and I hope readers will find the characters rich with emotion and concern.

Taking time to develop characters also depends on a writer’s style–like the difference between the fiction of Anita Shreve and Janet Evanovich. In The Pilot’s Wife, Shreve unwraps her character’s personality while Evanovich races along thrusting them headlong into the story.

I enjoy both approaches–and like a movie–each one can be entertaining depending on the reader’s mood.

Either way, I want to savor the development of my character’s and dig into their hearts and minds, connecting them with the readers.


About DD Symms

Writing is foundational to our communication like running is to sports.
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