Dialogue with a reviewer of romance and erotic romance

A review of my erotic short story Riding Shotgun by Heather Brewer of Heather’s Musings and Everybody Needs a Little Romance prompted me to ask her a few questions about her perspective. Here is a summary of her review:

I loved the characters in this short story.  Brianna was a little annoying at first with the whole Hollywood mentality that money will make everything right but once she began to relax, she actually changed her attitude.  She and Andrew are very hot together.  I loved Mike he was one of my favorite characters and I loved the scene out by the horses.   Pete was a great additional to the story with his sleazy ways.

Overall I enjoyed this short story and give Riding Shotgun 3½ Flaming Hearts.

DD: I enjoyed reading your review of my recently released story, Riding Shotgun. I have to admit I laughed a fair amount when writing Mike! Judging by your last paragraph, you “got it.”

I’m curious, what would have made it receive 4 flaming hearts?

Heather: I really did enjoy this story.  I think I would’ve liked a little more time for them to get to know each other and a little more backstory in it.  I know that’s hard to do in a short story though.  The scene in his special room was very hot too.

I will definitely be looking for your next book.

DD: Great … that’s good to know. There is definitely more backstory with the heroine in Getaway.

Heather: Good. I enjoyed your writing style because of the different emotions that the story evoked.  I also like that you mixed up the sex scenes and they weren’t all BDSM.  Don’t get me wrong, the scene in his special room was very HOT and Sexy but sometimes a good sex scene involving just the participants can be just as hot.


I’m finding tremendous satisfaction in character development. Both Layover and Riding Shotgun were fun to write and I’m planning follow-up stories (okay, sequels or series) to them. Click here to go to my Books section.

My story Getaway which will come out from Breathless Press on September 30, was even more satisfying because I took time to delve even more into the main character. Pain from her recent past was the reason for her present circumstances.

My advice to erotica writers: be careful not to sacrifice the emotion just to include the sex. Bringing the two together makes writing … hmm … an art form!


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