Male Male romance stories

Male-male romance is booming in popularity, or M/M as the designation shows. This is your chance to tell us about M/M you’ve read or written.

When I was admiring my latest release Getaway on Bookstrand, I looked in the right hand column for best sellers and noticed that out of the top 10 best selling books in the period, there were six that had M/M, or M/M/M, or M/M/M/M. And the few that did contain a F (for female) also had multiple males (or M designations).

I did a little research and found this quote from on Male-male romance.

One of the hottest growing segments of the romance genre is male-on-male, or M/M romance—gay romantic fiction mostly written and read by straight women. Featuring traditional romance conventions, including mistaken identities, star-crossed lovers, and happy endings, these stories show both physical and emotional intimacy between men.

M/M builds on the popularity of recent television shows and movies like Queer as Folk and Brokeback Mountain, but its origins are in the slash fiction genre of the 1990s in which erotic fiction about television, book, and movie characters found a lively audience online.

Devon Thomas on

Tell us about your M/M romance

This is your chance to comment and say why you’ve written M/M or some variation. Whether you’re a F or M author it doesn’t matter.

What appeals to you about the genre?

Is your story sexually explicit or not?

And, if you’re a straight woman, would you read a F/F or F/F/F romance?


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10 Responses to Male Male romance stories

  1. Well, I write m/m erotica, so yea, my stories are pretty sexually explicit. 🙂 But for me, it’s not about the act itself. It’s all about the emotions involved. How are they feeling about what they’re doing? Are they on their way to falling in love? Because all my stories are definately about falling in love with that special someone they want to spend their lives with. I’ve always been a romantic.

    Why m/m? Because men are so dang sexy! And I get to make love to two gorgeous men without my husband getting jealous. I tell him it’s okay. They don’t like girls anyway.

    Would I read f/f books? I don’t really like ‘straight’ romance books, so probably not. For me, the allure of gay romance is the plunge into unknown territory.

    • DD Symms says:

      Dianne, maybe that’s the reason so many men like F/F books. So with m/m you combine the sexiness of men with the emotions of romance.

  2. I write both m/m and f/f, and it’s been an interesting experiment since I’m a straight female. I enjoy writing m/m for so many reasons, some of them completely stereotypical in that I can lend so much more emotion to the male characters. Great blog, DD.

    • DD Symms says:

      Really? You can lend more emotion to male characters than to female?

      • Well, by nature a lot of women tend to be more emotional, and many men keep their emotions bottled up inside. Sometimes when I’m writing m/m erotica, I can explore the internal emotional side of a male character in a way that tends to come naturally for women, so it’s a unique experience for me.

  3. Jaiser says:

    I’m a gay man who writes m/m; they say, “Write what you know,” after all. (Though I have to admit, my characters “get busy” a heckuva lot more than I do!) Life can get messy & stressy; everyone wants a little relief from reality, I think. That’s where the HEA comes in; we don’t always get one “in real life”, but we can in a book.

    I like the genre largely because I’m a man who loves men. However, it also gives me a chance to show that such relationships are more than what some conservative media would have us believe. There is depth; there is love; and yes, because all good stories need conflict, there is some form of unpleasantness that must be handled. In daily life, it may be a crabby boss and not a psycho stalker, but the point is that we’re no different from anyone else at the end of the day.

    As for sex? Yes, my book has plenty and it is explicit. Once I got into the groove, so to speak, it was actually fun to write. I have to admit, though, that the first time I typed the word “c*ck” I wondered what I’d gotten myself into. It’s very freeing, though I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. More than once, I’ve surprised myself!

    I have to say that once I got into this genre, I was a little surprised that it was so popular among women. None of my female friends ever seemed to express an interest in such things (and they’re not bashful, they’d have said so); but I’m very happy to see that the stories I love are enjoyed by a wider audience. And some of the works I’ve seen since publishing my own… WOW! Talk about hot! And the romance… Wonderful! Pardon the expression, but “Keep it up!” 🙂

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