This week in my world of erotic romance!

Guest blogging on a hot, erotic romance site! (Scroll to the end of the post to see why I wrote that sentence).

Thanks to other romance authors and erotic romance authors.

This week, I’m guest blogging at Tonya Kinzer’s blog. She’s the author of the Boss’ Pet and other contemporary erotic tales. Click here, drop by her site, and say hello. Comment and you can have a chance to win one of my books.

Check out Dianne Hartsock (her stories, that is) and Rachel Boleyan. Both prolific authors who gave insightful comments on my post last week about writing and reading male-male romance.

I’ve upgraded my Books page so be sure to stop by. I’m learning more and more about WordPress and certainly am feeling more comfortable.

I’ve got a new Work In Progress (WIP) that even has me a bit on edge, pushing some taboos. I started it for a self-publishing experiment but once I finish, I’ll see if I do it put it up myself or submit to Breathless Press or another fine publisher.

Have a terrific week!

Okay, is calling an erotic romance site “hot” redundant–what do you think :)? Go ahead and comment!



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