Advice for lovers from Marcie, an erotic romance character

As I promised last week here is an interview with Marcie from my recently released story erotic romance Getaway. Enjoy. See the end of the post or my Books page for a copy of Getaway.

DD Symms: Marcie, thanks for taking time.

Marcie: You’re welcome. Being a fictional character, I’m blessed with a flexible schedule.

DD Symms: Did you know you were going to be featured in Getaway?

Marcie: No, I didn’t. But then before Getaway was written, I didn’t even know I existed.

DD Symms: Hmm, sounds like myself in real life.

Marcie: LOL!

DD Symms: When Getaway opens, we see you skinny dipping in a mountain stream. Is that what you normally enjoy?

Marcie: Skinny dipping?

DD Symms: Yes.

Marcie: That was my first time. I admit. I pursued a fantasy. And why, may I ask, is frolicking naked in a mountain stream a big deal? I always dreamed of taking off my clothes and splashing around – the stream is in a beautiful location – just less than two hours driving in the mountains above Los Angeles.  The most beautiful sex to me meant being outdoors. I dreamed of marrying Stephen and swimming naked with him in the waterhole and having sex in our tent. But—(she turns and sniffles)

DD Symms: He had found someone else.

Marcie: (wipes a tear and nods).

DD Symms: Do you need a tissue?

Marcie: No, thank you. I’m fine. You know, as it comes out in the story it isn’t just that he enjoyed sex more with someone else—it’s that he wouldn’t explore me. It’s, like, we grew up together and perhaps our familiarity made him seek his fantasies elsewhere.

I believe lovers should be able to share their most delicious sexual desires with each other.

DD Symms: Is that how it is with Cole?

Marcie: (laughs) Definitely. Okay, he’s hot. When I first meet him in Getaway, he seemed quite nutty. But, yeah, he loves sex outdoors as much as I do.

DD Symms: What makes him hot?

Marcie: (rubs her thigh, smiles) He takes his time looking in my eyes before he kisses me. He touches me so nicely–

DD Symms: You’re an intellectual property attorney and he’s an actor. How do you guys find common ground in your relationship?

Marcie: (laughs) When you said ‘common ground’ I thought it was a pun related to the ending of Getaway.

DD Symms: (laughs)

Marcie: Cole and I are both romantics. We really are soul mates with a shared sensuality.

DD Symms: What are your plans with Cole?

Marcie: (turns to her head to one side, smiles seductively) I think it’s as much up to you as it is to me.

DD Symms: (laughs) I started writing a follow-up to Getaway and it opens with an incredibly hot scene between you and Cole.

Marcie: (winks) I know. I’m excited to see how the story develops.

DD Symms: As we wrap up this little chat, what would you say to readers who are hesitant to share their sexual desires and fantasies with the people they love?

Marcie: Find a way to do it. Make a little game out of it. Tell the person you’re with—whether your spouse or long-time partner—say ‘there’s something important I’d like to share with you. It’s not easy for me, but I feel it would enrich our relationship.’”

DD Symms: That’s a good way to put it. Sharing fantasies can enrich a relationship.

Marcie: Yes. And that’s what I wish for everyone who reads Getaway. To have the courage to share your deepest fantasies with the person you love most dearly.

DD Symms: Thanks, Marcie, for stopping by. And, yes, for all those reading–if there is any connection with a real life character it is, uh, definitely coincidental.

Getaway is available from Breathless Press and for Kindle on Amazon, All Romance eBooks, 1 Place for Romance, and Bookstrand.


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4 Responses to Advice for lovers from Marcie, an erotic romance character

  1. Lisa Fox says:

    What a fun interview! Marcie is quite a character!

  2. ‘Sharing fantasies can enrich a relationship’. I think that would depend on the fantasies! *winks* This was a fun way to get to know Marcie. Thanks for sharing her with us.

    • DD Symms says:

      You’re right, Dianne. However, if it’s too shocking or tough for a spouse to hear then that’s the beginning of keeping everything inside. Sure, some should be shared with care … okay, maybe some should never be shared. Perhaps at least brought up in some way once in a while. It’s more of an art than a science!

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