Quick update from the erotic tales of DD Symms: wind, leaves, and trees

Ah, the wind storm that swept through the foothills above LA was the longest sustained wind storm I had seen since moving to Southern California in the mid-80s.

Power out since Wed and prob won’t be on until Mon. Finally, found a space in Pasadena to connect online for a bit 🙂 I tried to posting to Twitter. But the Twitter account then said, oops try again in a minute. I kept signing out and signing in to no avail.

So this is a brief note to say, I’ve not disappeared nor have I been abducted by aliens. I’ve been writing and working on a bdsm-themed story, about 7,000 words, that I hope to publish on Smashwords in the coming week.

I’m also working on my next stories–a follow-up to Layover as well as sketching ideas for follow-ups to Riding Shotgun and Getaway that I’ll publish through Breathless Press.

We’ll have power back on Monday … I’m hoping by Sunday.




About DD Symms

Writing is foundational to our communication like running is to sports.
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