When writing erotica smashes into real life

For the past month, my writing and generating the next cycle of erotic stories and novels in which I’m just dying to fully develop characters got hit head-on by a full dose of family reality.

I simply couldn’t get to the writing because of serious disruptions with — kids. On one hand, I wish I could head full tilt into explaining the sleepless nights and range of emotions. But would that completely detract from my stories and my fiction?

While I’ll keep the commotion close to my heart, I know I can work the emotions and elements into future stories and the lives of characters.

Being tugged away from writing may also be a test of how will I do when returning to the stories. I can certainly say I’m excited about the prospect of creating more and developing new depths and insights.


About DD Symms

Writing is foundational to our communication like running is to sports.
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