Free reads erotica update and thanks to followers

See my Free Reads section for a new addition. A little wave to one I value and appreciate.

Thanks to those who are following my posts here and a hello to The Elusive Muse. She has some wonderful writings on her site. I’m finally getting around to adding your links to my blogroll. No one ever accused me of being a fast learner!

I had a thought about why I like writing erotica and it has escaped me a bit. I’m sure I’ll get it back in a short while. One reason, though, is it allows the writer to explore relationships in ways we never dare discuss in public. How many of us ever get to describe a kiss to a co-worker or a family member during the holidays?

Hmm, maybe I should try to do that next year!



About DD Symms

Writing is foundational to our communication like running is to sports.
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