Erotic fantasy, beauty, and Ms. Chanton

I just made updates to the erotic story Ms. Chanton’s Castle Threesome in the Study that is currently on Smashwords. Feel free to check out the sample opening.


I’ve also started writing the story on Ms. Lillian Chanton and how she has opened her estate in the hills above Los Angeles to those who want to explore their sexual fantasies. This will be the prequel to the current story and set the stage for the rest of the Ms. Chanton Castle series.

The series will contain stories that are erotica but also novellas that hold closer to the romance/erotic romance genre.

In the opening of my new story, Ms. Chanton–a former model and successful lingerie fashion designer–is deciding whether she should follow through on her desires to open her home. She is discussing the idea with her friend and domme Lady Marvella.

Ms. Chanton is trying to determine why she should, or should not, open her home like a BDSM Inn and if she could cover the expenses involved:

“Oh, there goes the entrepreneur,” Lady Marvella sighed. “Is life all about profit and loss for you?”

Lillian Chanton pondered the question and her first reaction was gratitude for a friend willing to discuss the future for her estate … “No.” A new realization flooded her being. “It’s about people–and their dreams–and the desire for beauty.” She found herself back at the windowpane, studying the array of designs from the rain.

“And a haven to fulfill fantasies.” Lady spoke quietly and crossed one leg over the other.

I’ll keep you updated on this work-in-progress that I hope to release in early February.


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