An erotic short story about shared fantasies now available

Sometimes we need help sharing our erotic fantasies with our lovers. A husband creates a board game to help him share a deeply held sexual fantasy with his wife. He wants her to have a threesome with two men — while he’s not present. And the place she chooses is a private estate where the owner, Ms. Chanton, helps people realize their fantasies in bdsm and other sexual adventures.

My erotic short story, Ms. Chanton’s Castle Threesome in the Study, is now available through Barnes and Noble Nook, Kobo, Diesel ebooks, and Smashwords.

I’ll be creating more in this series and I have a work-in-progress on how and why Ms. Chanton turned her estate into a pleasure palace. She really is quite a lady.

Here’s an excerpt from Threesome in the Study:

Sheri reached for her glass of wine, took a sip, and thought her husband must relish in the triumph of having finally created a homemade sexual fantasy game. She put the wine glass back on the table. The thick carpeting cushioned her knees. Each slight movement of her thighs caused her g-string to rub more tightly against her clit. The evening to her was like rubbing two sticks of wood together to ignite a fire and light a pile of dry kindling. Waiting for the flame to catch created an erotic anticipation and delight she couldn’t have imagined, not even on their honeymoon.

Thomas leaned on one elbow, naked except for silk boxers underneath a silk robe. “You’re so right, my dear. Perhaps there is a flaw in my creation.  An opponent means only one of us can win.”

Sheri leaned forward with her legs tucked under her round ass. “I certainly won’t go down without a fight.” She shook her chestnut colored hair to one side over her shoulders and used her lips to nuzzle Thomas’ ear. She blew soft puffs of air when she kissed and he groaned almost immediately. Sheri let her lips linger, barely touching them to his ear lobe. She nibbled slightly and wanted to reach underneath his robe and touch his boxers to fondle his erection.

“Wow, babe. I’m always amazed how a delicate kiss can have such power.”

Sheri smiled. She took a longer draw on her wine and reveled in the intoxication of her sexual prowess, her husband’s delight, and the chance to reinvigorate their sexual desires after two decades of marriage. “Your turn, sweetheart.”

Thomas tossed the die. “Four.” He picked up his piece, a condom in its foil wrapper, and counted the required spaces. “Share your fantasy with your opponent.”

Sheri laughed. “For the next version of the game, darling, you’re going to have to change that to lover.”

Thomas smiled. “Let’s think of this session as test marketing.” He held the card in his hand and looked at Sheri. “Share your deepest fantasy that you’ve never talked about.” He sat up, took his wine and sipped it. “I had hoped you would have gotten this card.” He set his wine glass back on the table.

“Oh?” Her husband had such romantic inclinations that pleasant surprises often waited for her. What fantasy could he share? He had spoken to her about traveling to a nude resort in the Caribbean or having kinky bondage equipment installed in their bedroom. Having two children in college made either scenario possible.

Thomas shifted so he sat next to Sheri and kissed her on the lips. “My deepest fantasy I’ve never shared is I want you to have sex with two men.”

Sheri stiffened and her breath caught in her throat. She studied Thomas’ eyes, searching for a clue to this statement being one of his jocular moments. But he  focused his gaze like he had pondered the request for some time. “Is that so?” She wanted him to grin and laugh. But he didn’t.


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