Girl Fever erotic anthology now available

A short story of mine, Final Exam, is included in an anthology that debuted this month, Girl Fever: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex for Lesbians. Girl Fever is published by Cleis Press and edited by Saachi Green. “Thanks, Saachi, for including me,” said DD Symms.Image

This is my first inclusion in an anthology and I hope to delve into many more.

Each story is quick, hence the title, and fun to read. Some terrific authors include Lucy Felthouse, Cheyenne Blue, Jennifer Baker, Maxine Marsh.

Here’s an excerpt from my selection:

Kylie stood at the door, hoping Tanisha was in the room. She crossed her fingers and danced back and forth while her blonde hair swayed over her shoulders. The dormitory was practically empty at two o’clock in the afternoon. She held her knuckles high to knock again when the door swung open.

“Hey, what did I do?” Tanisha laughed.

“It’s what I need you to do,” said Kylie. She rushed in, shut the door behind her and grabbed Tanisha around the waist. She kissed her friend on the lips and squeezed hard. “Take a shower with me.”


I didn’t find any tired clichés in the stories I read. Though the selections are quick reads, the characters are well-developed.

Visit Cleis Press to purchase Girl Fever or stop by Amazon.



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