Work-in-progress — erotic M/M/F novella

This is a work-in-progress that pleases me in the way it’s developing. I’ll continue sharing excerpts in the weeks ahead.

Dylan is the submissive in a relationship with his dominant lover Bryce. However, he had once been engaged to a woman he loved but he never told her about his desire for other men. Then it became too late when she lost her life in a tragic rafting accident.

Dylan is a contractor and when he meets Tabby who needs help with her fixer-upper, he is overwhelmed with the feelings he had for his former fiance. The question is how does he tell Bryce? Or can he tell Bryce and Tabby without alienating either of them or both?


Why the hell did she have to have a personality that reminded him of Kate? He wasn’t even sure Tabby had similar looks. And maybe he was projecting what he wanted to see and feel. He wanted to kick the cabinet or find a way to stop the gnawing feeling of incompleteness.

            He headed upstairs and flopped on the bed. The collar Bryce sometimes attached around his neck hung on the wall along with the leash and paddle. The whip, clothespins and nipple clamps—all the toys and implements Bryce used in dominating him and exploring sexually held an intimate beckoning. The ceiling seemed distant and Dylan wished he could stare at the night sky and let his mind wander among the constellations. Then the sensation of being trapped enveloped him.

            He grabbed his cell phone and hit speed dial. The connection was made to Bryce’s number but his voice message came on. Dylan hung up and wondered. What if he had told Kate that he loved her but—oh, impossible. How the hell can you talk to a woman you love, and one your parents love, and try to explain her that you also have a guy you like now and then?

            Maybe that’s what bugged him the most. He possessed a secret that he wanted to share with her, but he never found the right opportunity. And now there were no more chances.

            After a quick shower and change of clothes, Dylan headed to immerse himself in the music and camaraderie at Danny’s Pub. An ale and laughter with other guys would do him well right now. If he told Bryce, he knew that it wouldn’t hurt their relationship. But he also understood that seeing Tabby would be out of the question. Was he beginning to push at the boundaries of his relationship with Bryce?


About DD Symms

Writing is foundational to our communication like running is to sports.
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