Exploring tension between Male-Male-Female erotic short story

This post was made in 2012 but Oysters and Chocolate, a once fabulous site, ceased operating because the two talented ladies who ran it began to pursue their own writing. My upcoming novel, Boarding, due for release July 19, has some of the Male-Male-Female tension I spoke about here.

Oysters and Chocolate has just accepted an erotic short story I recently wrote with the working title “Workout.” It’s scheduled to go live in September. One man, Jeremy, is attracted to Kay. But his male lover, Ellis isn’t so sure about the arrangement.

Here’s an excerpt:

Kay gripped the iron handle and pulled down. One–one, two, three. She relaxed and let the bar rise. She pulled down again, determined to move smoothly and confidently through her third and final set. Two–one, two, three. Tension pulled at the muscles across her chest. She closed her thighs tightly on the padded bench for support. Six–one, two, three.

            A low whistle interrupted her count. “Looking good.” She didn’t need the physique of Jeremy Marshall to distract her. She wanted to finish what she came to accomplish, go home for the night, and hit the bed–alone. He walked to the weight station next to her, preparing for a set of bicep curls. His pecs and abs were veiled under a gray T-shirt. The muscles in his thighs rippled.

            Kay Martin, concentrate. She pulled the lateral weights one more time and put more body into the movements. “I’ll take that as a compliment,” she said through an exhale. She arched her back so her already round ass rolled a bit more off the bench. Seven–one, two, three. Her brunette ponytail bobbed at the base of her neck. She thrust her chest forward slightly and wondered if he caught the teasing.            

            Jeremy grinned and curled the weights. He planted his feet shoulder width and the bulge in his shorts was proof to her that he, indeed, did notice her. “Sure, why not?” He lowered his arms and grunted one more time, pulling an extra heavy load toward his chest.

            Kay licked her lips. He stood within an arm’s length and the bench where she sat gave her an eye level view just below his waist. His cock pushed his trunks forward. She had finally decided to join the gym at the insistence of her friend Maya, the co-owner and night manager. Maya had urged Kay to get back in shape after her husband had left town with his secretary. “Don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself,” Maya told her. “Take action, babe.”

            On her first day, Jeremy had brushed against Kay on his way into the men’s locker room. The floor-to-ceiling mirrors offered evidence of his lingering stare and, inspired from the silent admiration, she swung her hips side-to-side before mounting the elliptical. She couldn’t help but return each evening and one night when she didn’t see him at the weight machines, she poked her head in the gym and saw him grab a rebound. He passed the ball upcourt and smiled at her.

            He followed her into the steam room after one workout and sat across from her, shrouded in the mist. A friend of his, Ellis, opened the door and sat next to Jeremy. She had leaned her head against the tiles and tried not to imagine the two sweaty hunks shirtless and sitting with her dressed only in basketball shorts. She could have sworn the men turned their faces to each other and let their lips touch briefly.



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