Make airport layovers more fun and hot with this erotic read

December 26, 2012, the day after Christmas and winter storms are delaying flights and causing unexpected layovers which is why I invite you to read this short story, Layover.

It’s an erotic, kinL_600x900ky tale of a young fashion designer Jessie Carter who has a layover in Chicago on her way back home to Los Angeles and she discovers a personal side that she didn’t know existed.

Layover was published by Breathless Press and is available from the publisher, Amazon, All Romance ebooks and more.

Stay tuned. Jessie’s flight originated in New York and that’s the focus of my novella Boarding. This is the prequel to my short story.

While in New York, Jessie meets a model who’s changing career directions and she’s looking for a designer to create a powerful and winning fashion line.

But the challenge spells trouble for Jessie and her current boyfriend. And when she meets the handsome, bi-sexual assistant to the model’s representative she discovers he has the intimate qualities she’s looking for in a man.

I’ll be keeping you posted on Boarding as it moves through the editing process to publication and release date.


About DD Symms

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