My Erotic Year in Review by Dianne Hartsock, author of male-male romance

Every second and fourth Fridays of the month, I’ll feature a guest author. This week, I welcome author Dianne Hartsock who shares how writers aren’t always uninhibited in what we write. And it is suitable for 18+:sheltoninlove200x300

Hello everyone! As we rush headlong into the New Year, I’d like to take a moment to look back at the year that’s just gone by. It’s been amazing! I’ve been a writer of gay erotic romance for some time, but feel that I’m only now settling into it.

And Oh boy, do I love this genre! I’ve tried to write the traditional m/f love story. I really have! But it’s not until two or three sexy men get together that I can really sink into the story. There’s something about that first meeting of eyes, that questioning excitement, tingle of suspense, flash of arousal. I never get that feeling when I think of a female character, but with a man, yes! *rubs hands* I can really get into this! Go figure.

It’s funny when I think back over the year and how my writing has changed. It’s been a lot like falling in love. That first hesitant, shy touch. A curious kiss. I had the hardest time with words! I used every euphemism I could think of and blushed and stammered and glanced over my shoulder the first time I wrote ‘cock’ and ‘cum’ and ‘orgasm’. Such hot, unheard of words in all the sweet romances I’ve ever read. And, oh God, people were going to read this! So embarrassing…

But now… I sat down and had a talk with myself. The male body is beautiful, in all its aspects, and here was my chance to make love to it in all the ways I can imagine. What was I waiting for? So I took a deep breath, put my shyness on hold, and plunged in.

Has my writing improved over this past year? I’ll give you two examples and let you merrychristmasshelton200x300decide. But either way, I’m having a blast with it! I think as I become more comfortable writing erotic my characters become more comfortable with each other and aren’t afraid to try new things. And who doesn’t love that?

This was my first attempt at writing a love scene:


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“I’ll show you passion,” Shelton growled before clamping his lips on Nevil’s, quickly drowning in the delicious taste of him. God, he wanted this. Nevil moved sinuously against him, his delight in Shelton’s body obvious. Nevil drew his knee up between Shelton’s legs and Shelton groaned as he was pressed against the man’s thigh. The friction as Shelton rubbed his penis and balls against Nevil sent torrents of pleasure through him that caused sparks behind his eyes.

He remembered to breathe and met Nevil’s twinkling eyes. “Don’t pass out on me,” Nevil teased, nuzzling against his throat. “We’ve hardly begun.”

Stretching his body in delight, Shelton gave himself over to Nevil’s skillful lips, tongue and fingers, being brought again and again to the brink of release, only to have Nevil ease off until he could think straight again.

In one moment of blissful delirium he took Nevil’s gorgeous dick in his mouth, experimenting with his tongue over the rigid shaft, nibbling and licking the dripping tip. He’d forgotten it could be so mind-blowing to suck on another man’s arousal. Nevil’s shout of pleasure as Shelton kissed and suckled one of Nevil’s balls almost made Shelton come.

Nevil sat up, pushing him away. “You have to stop or I’ll lose it right now,” he panted, squeezing his shaft near his bulging scrotum.

“Would that be so bad?”

“No. Maybe…” Nevil rubbed a hand over his sweating forehead. “God, Shelton, you have me so dizzy I can’t think. Maybe you should get inside me now.”

Shelton flushed with heat, aroused and trying not to make a fool of himself by blurting out how he really felt about Nevil. How he loved him.

Seeing his panic, Nevil kissed him, fondness warming his eyes. “Just lie on your back and let me take care of you.”

Shelton settled on the sheets and stared at the pool of light on the ceiling, his chest heaving. He never knew Nevil could be so kind. His desire for him poured from Shelton’s heart and flooded his body. Shelton trembled, knowing he would soon be inside Nevil, closer than he’d been to anyone in his life, though he’d made love before.

This is from my last book:



Mesmerized, Shelton looked down his chest at Nevil’s beautiful cock rubbing against him as his darling shoved a finger in to join his thumb. “Nevil…” he began and licked dry lips.


“Can I suck on you?” he asked, voice husky with lust as he stared at the glitter of pre-cum on the tip of his lover’s thick cock.

“Hell yes.” Nevil moved forward and rubbed the tip of his dick across Shelton’s lips. Shelton lapped at it with his tongue, loving the tang and taste of his lover. He opened his mouth and his darling slid in, allowing Shelton to take as much as he wanted. Nevil continued to plunge his fingers in his hole and Shelton sucked him to the back of his throat, swallowing him down.

“Fuck, I’m close,” Nevil warned.

Shelton immediately let him go. Nevil pulled his fingers out and squirmed backwards until Shelton’s dick pressed against him. He pushed down and Shelton groaned as the hot walls of his hole closed around him. His lover pulled up, and the force of his push downwards shoved the anal beads deeper into Shelton’s ass.


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  1. Thanks for having me over, D! Can’t wait to get my hands on BOARDING!

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