Update and erotic novel excerpt of Boarding

I’m a guest at Megan Martin’s today. Stop on over and visit.

I’ve been working hard on finishing Boarding, a prequel novel to my short story Layover. The characters have taken shape in a delightful way and I’m so close to wrapping it up and sending it off for approval and editing.

Enjoy this excerpt and stop back because I may be giving away a chapter in the coming weeks.

It is an adult-only excerpt not suitable for anyone under 18 (of course many 17 year olds probably do far more swearing than I do).

In this chapter, Jessie grows tired of her boyfriend’s whims and she takes control.


Heat seared Jessie’s imagination in a dramatic fashion and awakened her to a delicious possibility. Two men were in her hotel room and she was nearly naked.

“Hi,” said Raymond, now situated under the covers.

One clearly had knowledge of sexual pursuits but the other had so many stops and starts getting him into gear seemed an even more improbable challenge than creating the dress.

If it had been up to her, she would have seduced Callan into undressing and ordering him to bathe her and then tying Raymond and forcing him to watch. “Thanks, Callan. Thanks so much.” Instead, she settled for kissing him on the cheek. His skin was smooth and tastier than Raymond’s. A deeply sexual encounter was so close and yet the timing didn’t seem to be there for something she and Raymond had never attempted before. Forcing her hand could backfire so she didn’t press forward.

“You’re welcome.”

Raymond shifted under the covers.

She walked Callan back to the door. “So, can I come by bright and early tomorrow?”

“Sure. Hey, I’ll pick you up.”

“Oh, that would be marvelous.”

“Okay, see you in the morning and have a pleasant night.” He put two fingers along his soft hair and playfully saluted.

“Definitely. Thank you so much.” She closed the door and leaned against it. The bath could wait. She smiled and let her robe drift slightly to reveal bare shoulders and held the remainder over her breasts. “So you don’t like slutty?” Her tone carried a delicious sounding tease. “That’s a shame, baby, because I wondered about being your slut tonight.”

From somewhere, the courage came to stand up to Raymond. He had seemed so accepting when he arrived and supportive during the meeting but now his discouraging attitude was revealed along with the motives she didn’t appreciate.

“You wondered, huh?” He smiled.

Jessie let the robe fall off her shoulders. “Oh, my. I’m almost completely naked.”

He heaved a sigh and the entranced look he displayed during the webcam chat enveloped him.

“Oh, dear.” Jessie playfully poked her lips with her index finger, wiggled her ass, and touched the covers. His leg was still but his eyes had what seemed to be a flicker of lust shining. “We can’t have that now, can we?” She reached slowly along the cover, moving from his lower leg to his thigh and before losing balance, she crawled on the bed on all fours and posed with her ass high in the air and then she kicked off her heels.

“My baby doesn’t want me to be a slut.”

A slight smile glimmered in his otherwise vacant stare and he tried to speak. “I never, you know, said that necessarily.”

Before he finished, Jessie crawled to his side and pulled back the covers. “Who needs a silly old bath?” She purred and lowered her tits to his face. He inhaled in the crevice she offered and let her fingers lightly trip around his nipples and to his waist. There was no way she would continue to seek his approval or be tossed around by his whims when he wouldn’t make his intentions clear.

Jessie slowly kissed along his ear lobe and caressed his chest. He squirmed and shivered and the movement emboldened her, licking slowly behind his ear and down the side of his neck, groaning and purring and arching her back like a seasoned stripper.

His nostrils flared and he gave a puff of warm breath and then closed his eyes and leaned against the headboard. He quickly touched the shaft of his cock and Jessie switched positions, continuing her kissing and placing her fingers over his hand and rubbing them, finding an opening and then moving his hand away.

Raymond pushed into the mattress as though bracing himself.

Slowly, Jessie licked below his navel and enjoyed lingering on his waist while pursing her lips and moving just above the shaft of his cock. He responded, sliding lower until he was flat on the mattress and Jessie flicked her tongue against the head of his cock.

“Silly, silly sluts,” she moaned. “Is this all they know to do?”

Raymond’s breathing intensified and he shut his eyes completely.

She swirled her tongue around his head and pursed her lips, placing them gently and taking the taste of his precum but careful not to suck. “Mmm, yummy. You’re so yummy and tasty.”

“Thanks,” he muttered.

If she had been Delilah and he had been Sampson, his hair would definitely be cut off without a struggle. Raymond lay so limp no rope would have been necessary.

Running her tongue down one side of his shaft and letting an elongated groan course through her body was more pleasurable than she had ever noticed before. Jessie reached between her legs and stroked her clit. “Would my baby like to touch me?” she asked, positioning her pussy over his fingers.

He reached and stroked her and she leaned to cup his balls with her hand and then stretching like a feline kissed his head again. “Do you like that?”

“Oh, yeah. That feels good.”

“It does?”


“Good. Glad to hear.” She angled her body and leaned lower so her hair fell over his cock and brushed the strands against him. He raised his hips. “Do you want more?”


“More what, baby?”

“More. You.”

She giggled and licked him and then took him quickly in her mouth, lowered her lips tightly against his shaft and raised up before he could react.

“Oh, God. That’s wonderful.” He writhed and an arm stiffened.

“Does that please you?”

“Oh, yeah. Definitely.” He reached, blindly. “Again.”

“Again?” She didn’t know such mock surprise resided in her. Jessie had never considered herself a tease—until now.

“Oh, yeah.”

“Maybe you should ask, you know, politely and maybe, just maybe I’ll suck that handsome, lovely cock of yours.” Each syllable tumbled slowly on a syrupy voice.

He raised his head for a second, opened his eyes, and then lay flat. “Please. Suck me.”

“Just a suck? A nice, quick little suck?” The water in the bathtub was now completely forgotten.

He practically snorted a nonsensical response and rubbed a hand across his chest.

“And how about if I fuck you?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“But I’m a good girl.” She licked him and ran her mouth down his shaft, impressed with the persistent rigidity of his cock.

“Come on, fuck me,” he panted.

“If that’s what you want, babe.” She spread her legs and lowered her pussy, sliding it low to his cock and then pausing, moving carefully to tease and leaning so her tits could brush his torso as lightly as possible.

Raymond raised his head and shoulders like he was going to sit up.

“Down, sweetie,” cooed Jessie in a whisper, yet firm. “Lie down.”

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