Love and Strength in Romance Stories and more

The need for love and strength in stories appeals to me and probably to all of us. We want characters who stand for convictions and beliefs ā€“ whatever those may be.

Singing To Sir with Love

Lulu sings with conviction and passion

The thought dawned on me while I was revising a chapter in my upcoming novel Boarding where Jessie, the heroine and young fashion designer, has to fight doubts on her pursuit of fashion design and an assignment from a renowned model and the model’s manager.

She turns to the model’s manager and he becomes her strength and points her back to her conviction that her pursuit is the right path to take.


To me, this idea is made alive in this beautiful song from the classic movie To Sir with Love. Click on the image or click here to reach the YouTube clip.

The words are powerful and show a positive transition in life but also Lulu the singer has performed this for decades. But in this post from a few years ago, she sings as much with strength and conviction now as she ever did. Conviction, passion, and strength is sexy and erotic.



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