Guest Author W. Lynn Chantale and a fascinating idea for a romance series

Wow, what a fascinating guest post today with W. Lynn Chantale who wrote a series based upon a sport that would hardly be associated with romance in any of its forms.

This is Lynn’s gPinning Casanova Coveruest post explaining her series.

Click here to read a free excerpt and for options to buy her works.

Great to have you today, Lynn:

Thanks, DD, for inviting me today. Great place you have here. 🙂 Just a little bit about me I’m a multi-published author who writes mostly African-American and Interracial romance stories across multiple heat levels and sub-genres.

The inspiration for my latest release, Pinning Casanova, came from my father. (Read excerpt here).

Let me explain, my father is a wrestler. Probably one of the oldest professional wrestlers that I know and probably those in the profession know of him. Being privileged to the inner workings of wrestlers was an honor and don’t look to me to reveal any trade secrets. The men and women have a great respect for one another in the ring and while some things are choreographed, if a wrestler lands, moves or misses a cue, they could get hurt or seriously injured.

That only sparked my imagination. What could I do with totally hot guys who are very physical and are attracted to some fabulously sexy women? And what if the bad boy was really the good guy? With a stalker of his own?

That’s pretty much where the idea came from. I hope you enjoy Pinning Casanova and then the other two stories in the series, Tag Team Beauty Queen releasing March 29, and Indulging Sin releasing April 12. Oh and Safe Promises is releasing from Evernight on April 4.

Once again thank you, DD, for hosting me today.

Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Romantic.

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