Reading and listening are amazing gifts to ponder

Comprehending written words is an amazing privilege even though we may take it for granted.

I thought about this when considering how I enjoy romance stories and John Grisham legal thrillers in paperbacks and hard backs and yet I’ve found that reading via Kindle on my smartphone.

It really is incredible.

After all, aren’t words just a bunch of letters?

“Mmmm. Yeah, that’s right,” she agreed, licking her lips. Her purr and brushing against me showed her ability to comprehend. “Words, darling, are nothing more than a bunch of letters.” She let her breath carry the s while her tongue outlined my ear.

Across the room, the trucker slammed his mug of beer on the counter. “Gotta disagree, pardner. Words reaches deep into our soul – especially on the radio.” A gray T-shirt shrouded his torso that was flat and straight.


Well, I could keep this conversation going.

But the brain is truly an amazing God-given instrument and is incredible how we can decipher meaning.


About DD Symms

Writing is foundational to our communication like running is to sports.
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