Guest author Don Abdul and his book Checkmate

Today, I welcome an author I hadn’t known about until recently, Don Abdul, and an intriguing title of his. At the very end of this post you can find the link to a free ebook Don has written. Welcome, Don.


Thanks for the invite DD. It’s a great place you have here.

Checkmate, Don AbdulI’ll start off sharing a little bit about myself.  I’m a poet and published author who writes erotic fiction mostly at the upper heat levels, and across multiple sub-genres.

I’m here today to talk about my current book Checkmate. This book is incidentally the very first of my work to be published by Horny Devil Publishing.

My stories are inspired by the wishes, aspirations and secret fantasies that form the interesting back stories in the lives of my characters regardless of their public persona. The inspiration for Checkmate is consistent with this idea. It exposes the unspoken racial tension in the social dynamics supposedly racially liberal workplace and the delicate balances that had to be maintained in order not to upset the applecart.

The characters are respectable socialites, and senior corporation employees whose public personae appear above reproach until their desire for power and control begin to unfold as they engage one another in mind games. The battle of wits that ensure exposes their secret fantasies and sexual proclivities begin to unfold.

Ambition, rivalry, revenge, lust and other human follies feature in the intricately spun yarn that is the story Checkmate. It end on a happy note as love triumphed over oppression. And the young interracial couple got a damn good shot at ever after.

I hope you enjoy meeting the characters


Handsome black employee, Stanford Jordan, is seduced by Peggy, the daughter of the firm’s white conservative Senior Executive, Constance Munroe. When their raunchy encounter is caught on tape, Peggy’s devious stepmother turns to blackmail.

With no choice, Stan submits to her brutal domination. Humiliated, he enlists the help of ‘Fix,’ a childhood friend, in exacting the perfect revenge. Will the ruthless Domme concede when she suddenly finds herself at the mercy of the man she had so wickedly abused? Will Peggy discover their secret? Will Stan have to declare Checkmate and loose it all?

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