A Romance Blog Hop, Update on Boarding, and Welcome

I enjoyed the JustRomance.me Love a Tree blog hop that took place this weekend.

Special thanks to authors Alanna Coca, Olivia Brynn and Michael Bookman for the hard work in organizing the event.


Alanna writes passionate romance with a tender touch.

Please check out the sites for Michael, Alanna, and Olivia – quick wits and creators of stories with meaningful characters.

Update on Boarding, Book 1 in The Jessie Carter Fashion Series

The rounds of editing continue on Boarding.

I’m proud of Boarding, a prequel to my original short story Layover published in March 2011.

In Boarding, Jessie Carter has been trying so hard to get her fashion design career off the ground but she keeps running into obstacles, like her boyfriend’s plans for her. She discovers her talents and learns about herself and others around her through sexual discovery.

I’ll keep you posted but Boarding will release sometime this summer.

Arrival, Book 3 in The Jessie Carter Fashion Series

While I’m excited about my upcoming novel Boarding, I’m even more excited about Arrival. I’ve just started it and I play with the question – Do we really know we’ve arrived when our circumstances appear successful?

Yes, a Book 4 is percolating already.

Welcome New Followers and Upcoming Contests

Thanks to those who’ve made comments during the blog hop for a chance to win prizes.

And I’m glad some of you who have signed up to follow my blog.

Stay tuned. I’m planning fun contests for May, June, and July.

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