Guest Author Friday: Mary Corrales with a sexy dream

Clandestine EyesMary Corrales is an author I’ve gotten to know during the past couple of years and brings a nice energy to those she interacts with.

The cover’s a lot of fun — quite unique.

Let’s welcome her today on my guest author Friday post:


First I want to thank DD for letting me be his guest here today. He’s a great guy and amazing author. Now let’s see if I can make him blush.  Haha *wicked grin*

Have you ever had a steamy interlude with a co-worker? I’m talking fog up the windows type of passion. Ah yes, we all remember those naughty nights when we couldn’t wait to leave work and head off to some secluded spot for a little fun. Hmm, perhaps I’ve said too much but my point is that steamy interludes are excellent fun whether in real life or just a humble dream.

Yes, the origins of my short, suspense erotica, Clandestine Eyes was the result of one hell of a delicious dream. I can’t complain. I enjoy sex dreams, and I’ll readily admit they end up as story scenes. Just a fact of life when you write erotic romance.

Now, the fact that the hero and heroine meeting up after work are both members of the intelligence community, didn’t come to me until after writing the opening scene. I’ve already given you a tease on that opening scene. Believe me, it was a hot dream I couldn’t let go to waste.

So, if you’re a fan of covert operatives I invite you to check out, Clandestine Eyes. Because this a short, hot story, it’s perfect for a quick read before bed. Perhaps you’ll have your own wicked dreams that inspire you to write.  Here’s the blurb and a small excerpt for your enjoyment.

Pleasant reading,

Mary Corrales

Romance Author Lifestyle blog

Twitter @MaryCorrales_A1


Clandestine Eyes Blurb:

All play and no work has Coreen Evans burning with desire for her supervisor, Rob Larsen.

Embroiled in the life of a covert agent and trainee, both must keep their new sexual relationship a secret from those who work to uncover the truth.


Finding any excuse to nurture their lustful encounters, can Rob keep it professional as he tests Coreen, or will Coreen be able to hide her excitement for Rob from her superiors?


Warning: (R) Excerpt:

Rob’s large warm hand slid beneath her blouse, caressing her overheated skin, before drifting lower to toy with the waistband of her slacks. Coreen didn’t feel the tug of her zipper or the undoing of the button to her slacks before his large fingers stroked the outside of her damp panties.

A jolt of pleasure shuddered through her. She leaned her head back and moaned as he pressed two fingers hard against her clit, the thin material of her panties just barely keeping him out.

Rob nibbled on her ear, then asked, “Does it feel good?”

“Oh, Yes.” Still, she wanted more. Coreen needed the raging hunger inside her to be satisfied. “More.”

Clandestine Eyes

Genre: Contemporary suspense erotica

Word count: 2,922

ISBN: 978-1-926771-09-0

Breathless Press:


All romance Ebooks:






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4 Responses to Guest Author Friday: Mary Corrales with a sexy dream

  1. Ivy Bateman says:

    Wow! I wish I had dreams I turn into sexy stories! Lovely and Steamy post Mary!

  2. Thanks Ivy, Like DD says it’s art and passion. I think it’s more passion for me. Gotta do something with a dirty mind, why not share it 😉

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