Seven sentence Saturday/Sunday

Here are 7 sentences (about) from my upcoming sexy fashion novel Boarding. Enjoy. On Twitter, use #boardingnovel to read tweets from the story.

A small chandelier lit the hotel room, ornate with plush blue carpeting, wispy curtains veiling a peek toward Central Park, and a heavy oaken desk with intricate markings that indicated a hand-crafted appearance. Unfortunately, the amenities of the room would have to be appreciated later.

Weariness washed over Jessie and threatened to close her eyes, but she forced them open and sat stiffly against the cherry-tone headboard. The mirror on the opposite wall, encased in a thick, gold-leaf frame, provided a graphically honest and unflattering portrait.

“Jessie? Are you listening?”

“I am, sweetheart. I am,” she muttered.

Her ass and thighs were perfectly supported on the mattress that begged her to slide beneath the silk sheets and lay her head on the fluffy pillow.

About Don Simkovich

Writing is foundational to our communication like running is to sports.
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