Guest post Friday with male male romance author Dianne Hartsock

Welcome to my guest post Friday with author and friend Dianne Hartsock. She’s found a niche in the Male-Male Romance category and continues digging deeper into the bonds formed.

Welcome, Dianne and tell us about this new story.

Thanks so much Dee for having me back as a guest on your fabulous blog! Today I’d like to talk about two of my most favorite characters, Tris and his lover Aiden. I’ve written quite a few erotic romances these last couple of years, but my heroes from WITHOUT AIDEN will always have a special place in my heart.withoutaiden_bydiannehartsock-200x300

In the first place, this story was very difficult to write at times. I had to revisit some of my own painful relationships, take off the bandages and remember what it had felt like to be abandoned and betrayed. But also the joy that came when I finally met the love of my life and he loved me back.

Secondly, I really like these characters. The chemistry between them is wonderful. Every scene I wrote with them together just seemed to flow so smoothly. And I like Tris’s courage and steadfast love. I like Aiden’s attraction to Tris despite his misgivings. But most of all I love the way Aiden was willing at the end to admit he’d been wrong and apologize.

WITHOUT AIDEN is a story of true love and friendship, doubt and loneliness and the joy of reunion and forgiveness. It’s a story about life with all its heartache and happiness and I think it will remain a favorite of mine for a long time.

Prize Time! I’d like to mention that WITHOUT AIDEN is on tour with Goddess Fish. Comment on any or all of my stops for a chance to win a $10 ARe Books gift card. You can follow my tour here:


Without Aiden


ARe Books:

Is a gift of love enough to open Aiden’s heart and let Tris back in?

After the car accident that killed his parents and left his sister paralyzed, Tris is left with nothing. His family is destroyed. His reputation is shot. And all he has is the guilt of knowing it was all his fault. People in town know he’d been drinking that night, and know he should never have gotten behind the wheel. And even Aiden, the man he thought he’d be with forever, blames him too much to stay.

But Tris can’t let him just disappear. After months of loneliness and isolation, Tris brings Aiden a gift on his birthday, a hawk he’s carved from a chunk of wood they’d found in the forest during an afternoon of love. A small chink seems to open in Aiden’s heart, the first sign of forgiveness. With renewed hope, Tris takes a job renovating one of the older homes in town and tries to rebuild his life. But the townspeople have long memories, and when his sister’s condition worsens, forgiveness—and Aiden—seem to slip even further out of reach.

Excerpt:Show more Show less

It had been three fucking months. Aiden had to talk to him, give him a hint of that gorgeous smile he lived for. Shit. What if Aiden wasn’t alone?

Tris locked his bike at the empty stand and tucked wisps of light hair behind his ears with a shaky hand. Aiden’s red Fiat sat in its space outside his apartment door. At least he was home this morning. He could easily be spending his birthday with someone else.

Paling at the thought, Tris slung his pack on his shoulder and walked to the door. He had nothing to lose at this point. He didn’t expect much, but maybe they could talk. Clear the air. Tris missed him. God, he’d suffered hell. Months of empty days and long, achy nights without his lover.

He rapped on the door and his heart sank when he heard voices and a soft laugh inside. Jealousy bit through him, but he shoved it away. Didn’t matter. He’d brought Aiden a gift and he’d be damned if he was leaving without delivering it.

He lifted his hand, then dropped it to his side and laughed without humor. He’d worn his best jacket too. As if Aiden would be impressed with anything he did. He set the backpack at his feet and carefully removed the small tissue-wrapped box.

He hefted it in his hand, heavier than it looked, and gently stroked a thumb over it. Damn. All of his love and yearning had gone into this gift he’d promised Aiden on one of their hikes in the forest outside town. Tris’s breath quickened as he recalled the exact moment, Aiden naked and sweaty in his arms, Tris’s spent cock in his hot ass. He rolled to his back when Aiden nudged him with his elbow. “What…”

“Didn’t you feel that?” Aiden’s hand dove under the jackets they were lying on and came up with the offending knot of wood. He rubbed his side. “Bet I get a bruise.”

“Fuck. I’m sorry.” Tris reached for the chunk, but Aiden shrugged and tossed it with their backpacks.

“Make me something with it,” Aiden ordered. They both looked up at a piercing cry. A hawk swooped over the treetops. “Carve him for me.”

Tris glanced at his darling and his heart flipped over. Aiden’s dark hair stood in wild disarray around his beautiful face. Tris leaned close and sucked the beckoning full bottom lip into his mouth. He groaned, recalling the silver hoop in the luscious flesh sliding over his dick earlier.

Aiden murmured approval and his tongue dove in, the silver ball in its center grazing the roof of Tris’s mouth, sending a shiver of lust through him. He gripped Aiden’s hair, holding him in place as their tongues twined and fenced.

Tris jolted back to the moment when the apartment door suddenly opened in his face. The blood rushed from his heart and roared in his ears. Aiden leaned against the door frame and Tris’s hungry gaze ran over his slim body, his mouth going dry at the soft line of curls disappearing into the tattered shorts sitting low on Aiden’s hips. He jerked his attention back to Aiden’s eyes, meeting his intense blue gaze.


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5 Responses to Guest post Friday with male male romance author Dianne Hartsock

  1. Hey Dee! Thanks for inviting my boys here. 🙂

    • DD Symms says:

      You’re quite welcome. It’s my pleasure. I enjoyed shelton in love and need to get your others on my TBR!

  2. leann says:

    I Ms. Dianne, You’re a new author for me & I’m looking forward to some new reads. Thanks for the giveaway. lm

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