Guest Post Friday: Author Ann B Harrison with Irish Seduction

Welcome to author Ann Harrison who introduces us to her lovely use of language in this excerpt. Enjoy her use of words as she reveals elements of her writingAnn Harrison Irish Seduc Blog Post. Welcome, Ann.

Ann: Thank you, DD.

One of my favorite characters is Jasper from Irish Seduction.

But this is not his first appearance in my writing. Jasper was a main player in my young adult book Witchling.

I fell in love with his Irish brogue and charm. His sensitive nature and the instant attraction women felt whenever he was near.

What was his story? Well, I sat down and decided to find out.

Irish Seduction starts when he is a young man searching for a love that will see him to the end of his days while his family are searching for a well connected wife.  Lady Leona is not the person he expects to fall in love with. Being the youngest daughter of the Gods that rule his world, she is not for him.

Leona has other ideas and the story unfolds with passion, intrigue and Jasper fighting for the love of his life.





He longed to crawl into his bed and let her take over his body. The blood rushed through his veins, burning while he recalled last night’s dream.

The velvet curtains around his bed moved soundlessly and the heavy fabric parted. As she stood, the light of the moon behind her, her hair shone like gold and shimmered over her shoulders. Her sheer white cloak fell in soft folds around her body, showing off the shape of her full breasts, the soft curve of her hips, and the small indentation of her navel down to the dark shadow at the apex of her thighs. She ran the tip of her tongue along her full, bottom lip leaving a gloss of moisture that he ached to taste. She lifted her chin and the cloak dipped, revealing her naked rose-tipped breast.

He sucked in a breath. The woman was magnificent and he yearned for her body beneath his.

A small sigh escaped her mouth when she reached out to touch him. Jasper gasped at the touch of her fingers toying with his bare chest, skimming over his nipples, and sending electric shocks through his body, straight down to his cock. She leaned in closer, her scent rocketing through his brain.

 She lifted her hand and drew down the covers, leaving him exposed to her eyes in the pale candlelight.

Jasper reached out a shaking hand as he debated sliding his fingertips across her face. Would she disappear if he touched her? Pleasure replaced his trepidation as she leaned her soft cheek against his hand and the dream remained unbroken. Her face turned into his hand and she kissed his palm, her tongue darting across the rough skin, sending sensuous ripples down his spine. She pushed him back on the pillows, and with a smile, traced a pattern over his face and down his neck with her lips.


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