Cover Reveal Wednesday: Riding Shotgun, a Chicklit Romance Erotica Story

I love driving California’s Highway 395 from Los Angelesrs-1 to Tahoe and it gave me an idea for a kinda chicklit romance erotica story.

There is a stunning contrast between the Sierra Mountains on the west side of the highway and the total brown lifeless mountains along the east side.

The highway is dotted with small towns including Lone Pine, home to the Lone Pine Film History Museum.

About Riding Shotgun

Marcie is a Hollywood producer escaping to Tahoe for a few days of relaxing and a chance to shake off the embarrassing effects of a public divorce and humiliation from her ex-husband.

Her car breaks down, though, and she comes across the town’s mechanic Andrew and his trusty sidekick Mike.

A loud-mouth insurance agent is fighting for Andrew’s business and threatens to expose a secret he keeps from the town.

When Marcie finds herself in the middle of the conflict, she finds solace in Andrew’s arms and discovers what he keeps out of view. How will she respond?

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About Don Simkovich

Writing is foundational to our communication like running is to sports.
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