Guest Post: Gayl Taylor and an erotic take on a timeless tale

Gayl Taylor is my guest today and it’s so nice having you stop by. Tell us about your journey as an author. I find it fascinating. Welcome, Gayl.


Gayl: Thanks for having me as a guest on your blog! I can’t believe a year has gone by already.

The journey that brought me here played out a bit different from the way I imagined. Ride A Cock Horse wasn’t even the story I planned as my debut. I was nearly finished with a project that I should add is still a work in progress. I was very new to Facebook, the thought of actually submitting something was terrifying but with the encouragement of some dear friends, I kept writing with that goal in mind. About 2/3 of the way through my WiP, I hit a wall. I didn’t know where I was going, had too many secondary characters getting in the way, plot points that even I struggled to buy, and basically wrote myself into a corner. The story was near to my heart and the thought of subbing it and a subsequent rejection letter was terrifying to me. I knew I wouldn’t go back to it if I received a rejection for it.

When I noticed a discussion on Facebook and a submissions call at Breathless Press for their Naughty Nursery Rhymes, I wondered if I would be a good fit there. I figured I could write a romantic take on a nursery rhyme so I checked out the site and liked what I saw. I bought a few books while I was there too! Subsequently, a funny discussion on Facebook came up about some of the nursery rhymes and how a writer could twist them into an erotic sexy romance had me giggling. I said to myself, “Do it. What do you have to lose?” I never in a million years thought the story would be accepted and published. I thought I’d get that first rejection out of the way. I was over the moon when I got a contract offer!

The Power of an Editor

I had a terrific editor, Deadra Krieger who helped the story blossom into something better. She did the same for me as a writer and I will be forever grateful. I learned a great deal from her tough love. And I apply what she taught me each time I sit down to write. I am happy to celebrate the one year mark of my debut with this title. I loved everything about it. The characters still talk to me on occasion…maybe there’s a sequel to be written – who knows?


Musician Hunter Blake returns to Banbury Cross to win back his true love, Kate. Will they find a way to make beautiful music again?

Not even a cock horse could bring musician Hunter Blake back to Banbury Cross, yet here he stood, ten years after leaving, to make amends for his past behavior and win back his true love, Katherine Banbury. Their relationship was in perfect harmony until Hunter’s excessive drinking tore them apart. Now sober, he’s focused on doing whatever it takes to prove he’s worthy of her love.

Kate spent the last ten years determined to forget Hunter. With a developer intent on turning her ancestral home into tract housing, Kate had her hands full. When Hunter returns, vivid memories of their passionate history stoke the flames of desire between them. Will Kate fight the attraction or will she open her heart to love once more?


“Ah, Kate, I’ve missed you so much.”

He pulled her against him, dipped his head until his mouth found the sensitive area behind her ear, and kissed it. His erection pressed into the small of her back as he pulled her closer. With his left hand, he unfastened the clasp at her neck while the hand that held her moved lower until it found the soft flesh of her thigh. Slowly, he began to caress her, higher and higher, as the top of her dress fell to her waist and exposed her bare breasts. She should have protested, but it felt so good, so right. No one made her feel like this and, as hard as she tried to find someone else, it had always been Hunter’s touch that made her body respond.

Kate leaned back so that her head rested on his shoulder. Closing her eyes, she savored each caress as her body naturally responded to his touch. Wet heat pooled between her legs. She ached for him, wanted him to soothe her need and, just when she made up her mind to demand it, one long finger and then another parted her folds and slid inside her. She trembled with desire as his palm worked slowly against her clit while his fingers moved in and out with slow precision.

“You remember that time at Rocky’s when you rode that mechanical bull? That was such a turn on; I was so hard watching you that night. Ride my hand, Kate, like you rode the bull.” His voice, rough and laced with desire, rumbled against her ear.

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Ride A Cock Horse

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6 Responses to Guest Post: Gayl Taylor and an erotic take on a timeless tale

  1. gayl taylor says:

    Thank you again for having me today DD!

  2. What a great post. And thank you for the kind words. I’m so glad to know my Purple Pen of Editing DOOOOM helped you. ❤

    • gayl taylor says:

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment D! It means alot to me.

      • DD Symms says:

        Nicholas Sparks said in the Forward to his book, The Lucky One, that writing is not a solitary profession. Yep, collaboration benefits the end result.

        • gayl taylor says:

          Even the greatest or most well-known writers have editors, betas, and crit partners. I was lucky to have a fantastic editor and a crit partner so I feel lucky.

          • DD Symms says:

            My best creative work has occurred on a collaborative basis. I remember a key brochure I wrote, a 22 yr series of radio spots, and my upcoming release Boarding with the aid of editor Megan Martin (pubbed by Breathless Press). It seems BP has a good editorial staff. I agree Gayl.

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