My Sexy Saturday: Excerpt from Boarding, a chic lit fashion erotica novel

image saturday blog postThanks to Lynn Crain for coming up with the Sexy Saturday concept and providing an entire list of authors showing their work. The link is at the end of this excerpt.

I’ve been on an assignment this week out of town, busily finishing edits and working on my newest novel Arrival … and I was fundraising for the American Cancer Society yesterday so now I’m a day late with my sexy Saturday post.

Enjoy this excerpt from my novel Boarding, releasing July 19. Our heroine, Jessie Carter, was waiting for a thumbs-up or thumbs-down from a powerful man who could rev her career or knock it down a notch.

The meeting gets interrupted by his assistant, Callan, and Jessie doesn’t get an answer.

EXCERPT: BOARDING (a chick lit erotica style novel)

Callan had the physique of a tennis player with cute dimples and looked slightly younger than Torrey. Too bad the impromptu meeting was ending. Watching the men chat for the rest of the afternoon would have been delightfully arousing.

Torrey thrust his hands from inside the coat sleeves and shuffled the sketches, gathered them in a pile, and handed them to Jessie. “Need a ride?”

“Um—” The offer caught her completely off guard.

“Where you living?”

“Los Angeles.”


She laughed. “I’m sorry. I’m in town staying at the Allendale.”

Callan chuckled.

Torrey hooked his thumb to his right. “This is Callan.” He reached in his pocket, grabbed a ring of keys and tossed them to his assistant. “Give her a ride.”


Torrey turned to Callan. “Thanks for your help.” He ruffled Callan’s hair and kissed him on the cheek. “Next time I say latte, I mean latte.” Torrey hurried to the door.

“I know what you mean,” said Callan straightening the folders on his desk, “and I know what you need.”

Torrey rolled his eyes and huffed, “Can’t decide if I should thank you or spank you.”

The comment incited a swirl of arousal within Jessie. What a pleasant sight that would be.

He opened the door, took one step out, and turned back to Jessie with a nod and a smile. “Nice concepts, by the way.”

“Thank you.”

He disappeared and with a soft click, the door closed.

Jessie absent-mindedly thumbed through the sketches. The supply of adrenaline that had pumped furiously through her arms and legs was drained like an Olympic sprinter finishing fourth, one step away from a medal and no reward for grueling training done in obscurity. Stuffing things back in her handbag was a slow process. The consolation after the intense struggle was the two-second compliment she received, an achievement considering the source.

Click here for the full My Sexy Saturday list of authors.


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