Cover Reveal and Gift Card Giveaway Contest: Boarding

Will fashion designer Jessie Carter capture the opportunity to design a dress with a renowned model or will she succumb to the pressures of her entrepreneur boyfriend?

Boarding 453x680

I’m giving away two $5 gift cards today to your choice of Amazon or All Romance eBooks.

The gift card giveaway contest runs from June 5 to June 6, 11:59pm.

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Boarding, Book 1 in the Jessie Carter Fashion Series, a sexy fashion novel explores career and love in a chic-lit-erotica adventure set in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The cover design comes from Victoria Miller of Breathless Press and editor is Megan D. Martin.

Boarding, the novel, is the prequel to my short story Layover that I published with Breathless Press and Jessie kept prodding me to tell her story.

I hope you enjoy reading the romance and adventures as much as I enjoyed writing about them.

Boarding is set for a July 19 release.

Add it to your summer reading list.

BOARDING – True Friends are Life’s Greatest Pleasure

EXCERPT — end of Chapter 2

Jessie brushed her hair back from her face and looked at the clerk while mustering as much dignity as possible to prove that the baggage belonged to her. Callan laid the bag flat, quickly re-packed her suitcase, and zipped it shut. He saved her from a solitary experience of suffering total humiliation.

“That’s fine.” The clerk dutifully processed the registration and then handed her the room key.

“I’ll escort you up.” Callan spoke pleasantly, like conversing with a friend he was glad to see and made no mention of what happened.

“Oh, thanks. Your car’s fine?”  It wouldn’t be fair if he had taken the time to be nice to her and got his car towed.

“Got parking, no problem.” He found a bellhop’s cart, loaded the bags on, and glanced down the expansive lobby to the glass doors at the far end. “Oh? That looks like a tennis court. Sure would be fun to play a set. Well, maybe I’ll take a jog.”

Exercising probably kept his legs nicely toned. Jessie’s imagination made the ride up the elevator as steamy as the weather outside. He had put his hands on something intimate that she bought for pleasure and he treated it like no big deal. Maybe he liked it.

The top two buttons of Callan’s shirt were loose and a glimpse of his bare chest was like dripping lighter fluid on a pile of hot charcoal. Trouble. The match was struck and tossed on the briquettes. The image weaved through a catacomb of mental to-do lists, concerns about Raymond, and fatigue and ignited arousal like someone had flipped a switch. By the time Callan had wheeled the cart in to her room, Jessie had pictured them holding hands, kissing passionately, soaking in the tub, and sprawling on the bed with legs, arms, and lips entwined. The image grew more passionate with thoughts of Callan running the tip of the glass dildo over her labia, teasing and then slowly inserting it.

Maybe, though, he was taken. Or was the kiss from Torrey only part of the office chemistry? Wow, would that be fun to watch. Jessie closed her eyes. It had been three weeks at least since her last romp with Raymond and hunger pangs were growling and tormenting her.

Callan grabbed the luggage holder from the closet, unfolded it, and set her heaviest bag on it.

“Thank you.” Jessie could hardly breathe. How hard would he squint if having an orgasm, or would he just pant wildly?

Jessie’s phone buzzed and her handbag seemed to shake from the vibration. She grabbed it in speaker mode. Raymond. “Hey, there.”

“Hi.” His greeting came right before Callan’s response to Jessie.

“You’re quite welcome.” Callan turned to wheel the empty cart to the hallway. “By the way, I got to thinking about your meeting with Torrey.”

“Oh?” Jessie sounded hopeful.

“What?” Raymond’s voice crackled through the speaker.

“Wait a second,” Jessie told Raymond.

“If he wasn’t interested then he would have said so right away. Something caught his eye. For him to take a meeting like that is rare.”

“Who’s that?” Raymond burst through the speaker.

“A man, Raymond.” Jessie held the phone with one hand and distributed her belongings with the other.

Callan pushed the cart out the door and turned to smile and wave. “Good luck.”

“Thank you.” Jessie had meant to only mouth the words but her lips smacked together just enough to amplify her breathy voice and create the impression of a sultry whisper.

“Jessie?” Raymond had a rich baritone quality that enhanced his image as an up-and-coming entrepreneurial success story. He usually demanded answers, yet he sounded genuinely puzzled and not aggravated.

“Okay, I’m here.”

She closed the door and leaned against it. Her bra was irritating her. The dampness remaining in her clothes and the breeze that came from the air conditioning turned Jessie’s flesh prickly from the chill.

“What’s going on?”

“Oh, just a man from Torrey Johnson’s office.”

“Where are you?”

“In my room.” As though she couldn’t stand it any longer, she set the phone on a nightstand, boosted the thermostat and stripped off her blouse, bra, jeans, and panties. Never before had being naked seemed so soothing.

“What are you doing?”

“Getting a bath, finally.”

She carried the phone with her into the bathroom and turned on the water in the gold-encrusted tub that looked just like the hotel’s pictures promised online. Her next credit card statement would be evidence of the quality.

“So, uh, is the guy still around?”

And it dawned on her. “Oh, no, hon. He drove me back and helped bring my luggage to my room.” The mirror, lights, tile, and towel rack seemed to slowly spin like the luggage on the carousel and dip and rise like the flight hitting pockets of warm and cold air.

“You know, I want to talk.”

“Yes, I know. I do, too.” Jessie tried to steady her knees.

“Look, I’ve got to run to dinner with a client. How about later this evening?”

“Yeah, that works fine. I’ll be in.”

“You sure?” Suspicion coated the question.

“Yes, the shoot’s tomorrow and I’ve got to get up early, so I’m not going anywhere.”

“Okay.” He ended in a tone of uneasy surrender. “‘Bye.”

“‘Bye-bye.” She smacked her lips in the speaker. “Love you.” Silence greeted her on the other end. Free of the phone, Jessie set it on the basin and settled in the tub with hot water covering over her thighs, tummy, and tickling against the top of her breasts.

A luxurious king-size bed with a thick comforter and mattress was ready to caress her body. Dinner wasn’t necessary since her stomach was still recovering from the flight and was begging for time off.

Both the glass toy and her vibrator were waiting as an available substitute for—wow, Callan is friendly.

The toys were a wonderful substitute for—he’s so helpful and spry. He’d probably look so hot in an unbuttoned polo shirt, the hemline free and flowing while returning a serve. Damn. She squirmed and ran a wet hand over her nipples, pinching them slightly. No, no, and no. The toys were supposed to be a wonderful substitute for Raymond.


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  1. Hey Dee, this book sounds more delicious all the time! Super cover, too. Good luck and great sales on this!!

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