What Makes Fashion Provocative?

Fashion is inherently sensual and seems like the fashion world loves exploring sensuality in ads.

A provocative or benign ad?

A provocative or benign ad?

Abercrombie and Fitch anyone?

I took this shot of

a billboard along Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood with the two women on an ad for Gucci.

Looks completely benign, right?

Well, it does put a little in the imagination depending on the mindset you have when looking at it.

Would you call this slightly provocative?

Maybe this sensual approach is why a fashion designer intrigued me and the story of Jessie Carter in Boarding began to evolve in my thoughts.

What fashion ads have you seen that stay in your mind or which ones would you rather not have seen?


About Don Simkovich

Writing is foundational to our communication like running is to sports.
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