My Sexy Saturday and Giveaway

I’m doing seven sentences for My Sexy Saturday. This is from Boarding, now available for pre-order on Breathless Press. Suitable for 18+. In Chapter Two, Jessie returns to her hotel. She left her luggage behind thBoardinge registration desk and a new clerk is suspicious when Jessie returns.

7 sentence excerpt — (okay, maybe it’s technically 8)

“Can you identify an item inside?”

Oh my, God. She could. In her haste to pack in London, she stuffed her palm-sized vibrator on top in one bag. Her pink nightie, silk panties and a well-crafted crystal dildo she bought on impulse on the West Side was stuffed on top of the other one.

“Well?” The clerk reached for the bag.



So what happens? Hey, that’s the fun of the story.

Here’s my offer for this week. Boarding is available for pre-order on Breathless Press. Click here for the link. It is 18+ adult erotica.

If you buy a copy, send me the receipt and I will send you a free copy of one of my existing stories — Layover, Riding Shogun, or Getaway. Or, if you’d prefer, I’ll buy you a $4.00 gift card on Breathless Press or Amazon and that way you can get the Boarding (over 55,000 words) for $ 1.99.

Thanks for stopping by!

And by the way, I’m hard at work on Arrival.


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2 Responses to My Sexy Saturday and Giveaway

  1. Lynn Crain says:

    Of course, you know you left me hanging…LOL! Thanks for sharing DD and for being part of My Sexy Saturday.

    Hope to see you next week.

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