My Sexy Saturday: A Sexy Conversation

Welcome to anoManther week of My Sexy Saturday. Jessie Carter, our young fashion designer, witnesses a cute exchange between two hot guys — Torrey, the manager to the model she’s hoping to design for and Callan, his assistant and lover. At this stage, Jessie doesn’t know who Callan is.


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“I know what you mean,” said Callan straightening the folders on his desk, “and I know what you need.”

Torrey rolled his eyes and huffed, “Can’t decide if I should thank you or spank you.”

The comment incited a swirl of arousal within Jessie. What a pleasant sight that would be.

He opened the door, took one step out, and turned back to Jessie with a nod and a smile. “Nice concepts, by the way.”

“Thank you.”

He disappeared and with a soft click, the door closed.

Jessie absent-mindedly thumbed through the sketches. The supply of adrenaline that had pumped furiously through her arms and legs was drained like an Olympic sprinter finishing fourth, one step away from a medal and no reward for grueling training done in obscurity. Stuffing things back in her handbag was a slow process. The consolation after the intense struggle was the two-second compliment she received, an achievement considering the source.

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The novel has: multiple partners, light BDSM, M/F/M, and a nosy gossip columnist

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3 Responses to My Sexy Saturday: A Sexy Conversation

  1. Great snippet! A little humor mixed with some sexy, great combination!

  2. Lynn Crain says:

    What a wonderful snippet! I love the little quips in the conversation and how Jessie was aroused by them.

    Thanks for being part of My Sexy Saturday. See you next week!

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