Background Research for My Novel Boarding: chats, videos, and personal visits

New York’s Midtown Garment District is the subject of this video – one of several I watched time and again as background research for my erotic romance novel Boarding.

Discovering the subject matter for a story is a large part of the fun that goes into creating a romance or erotic romance short story or novel.

‘The boring word is known as “research” and I typically don’t find it boring at all. All writers research something.

For those who say they don’t research their stories, that means they’re drawing on the collected life experiences to give them a framework for creating characters, setting, and conflict.

Boarding, a sexy fashion novel, is about a young fashion designer visiting New York City.

What do I know about fashion – and what do I know to make me credible enough to write a novel about a fashion designer?

I know very little.

Some research was involved in Boarding.

I met a fashion designer who had worked for Tommy Hilfiger and spoke with her about the 12 hour and 14 hour days she spent working on patterns and coordinating designs.

Personally, I’ve been to New York City several times where the story takes place.

YouTube was helpful in refreshing my memory and giving me looks at apartments in Brooklyn and giving a detailed look at the fashion district in Manhattan.

One of the fun parts of research I did was looking up favorite cocktails in Manhattan especially since I almost never drink mixed drinks. There were some fun names.

Click here to visit the Boarding novel site I created and learn more background on the novel Boarding and the fashion industry in New York.

And of course, visit my books page to see where you can buy Boarding.


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